Hope for Generations is an educational institution that equal to Primary – Secondary Level, established since 2010. As a continuation of Hope for Kids, an Early Childhood Center that successfully run by YayasanBejanaKasihKarunia (YBKK) from 2007 – now.

Hope for Generations work together with Southern Cross Educational Enterprises, Australia to apply The SOT/ACE curriculum.


Fostering The Indonesian Education World by developed a generation that has virtuous, smart, responsible, live in fear of God and has a capability to think globally, completely and wisely without losing their national identity


  • Serve your children with an International Education Standard without losing their national identity and the pride and love of their Homeland
  • Teach and give an example in the Attitude and Behavior virtuously
  • Encourage these young agesto be brave, has a good critical thinking, wise and open minded
  • Side by side with parents as a partner to educate and develop these young people in many areas especially their character.
  • Work with color & Gradients & Grids

As a Primary and Secondary Institution, Hope for Generations using an American Curriculum that known widely as ACE ( Accelerated Christian Education ) or School of Tomorrow.

Accelerated Christian Education Concept

True education is education that teaches us to apply the principles of wisdom in everyday life. ACE learn five rules apply


As international schools using the curriculum, students will receive a diploma, that is a diploma SOT issued by Southern Cross Education Enterprise, HOPE place for Generations affiliated. In addition, HOPE for Generations provide opportunities for students to take the exam inclusion of state-recognized Republic of Indonesia to complete the student administration when proceeding to the national curriculum regular school, plus national and international.

To complete the diploma obtained by the students of the SOT, the HOPE for Generations have equivalency diploma with a degree of learning in Indonesia such as the level of elementary school, junior high, and high school public.

The whole school experience curriculum ACE in Indonesia, not a problem for ACE students move to any school after graduating from an educational level for example, elementary, junior high, or high school, and vice versa.

We have had many Indonesian ACE graduate students who have been accepted at universities or colleges in Indonesia, such as university international BINUS, UMN, UPH, etc.

Throughout the world, a graduate of ACE has been widely accepted and graduated from various leading universities in many countries and has been working professionally as a good citizen, responsible and successful.

HOPE for Generations is not just succeed academically, but managed to become whole human beings which is reflected in the integration of intelligence, noble character, a wise, responsible and beneficial for the family, community, state, nation, and even internationally.

Student transfer procedures

As well as regular schools, the ACE program allows each student to transfer schools to any ACE vice versa in the middle or on the new school year. Students of non-ACE program, will follow a diagnostic test to determine the appropriate level to place students as governed by five rules of studying at ACE.

Students of non-ACE program, will follow a diagnostic test to determine the appropriate level to place students as governed by five rules of studying at ACE.

For ACE students who transfer, then the student should be able to continue the lessons directly without any issue and obstacles.

for students ACE that transfer to school non-ACE (national, national plus and international), the school will prepare a letter of introduction is equipped with a report achievement of students (for students who have attended more than one year) as well as the willingness of schools to explain about school ACE and ACE material to the new school.

Each school has its own policy for admission. In some schools, the diagnostic test will be conducted on the students concerned. HFG believe with standard ACE on mastery of the material to 80%, then the ACE students who will transfer or transfer schools will not be constrained in this test (with a record of using the English language which is the main language of instruction in the ACE program in HFG)

When the tests are conducted in Indonesian, the obstacles to be faced with the same students when students attend schools in the introductory English language school who moved to Indonesia.

Finally, with commitment to perform and communications from schools and parents, the true purpose of education successfully realized and everything is not only beneficial for the child, family, nation, and state but, above all to the glory of the Creator.