On January 23rd, Hope School Indonesia went to Sky World at TMII. There are many rides that can enhance knowledge about the solar system and outer space. Students of Hope School Indonesia can see several miniatures of outer space, witness the seconds of rockets about to launch, watch a 5D cinema, and experience a very cool and highly educational planetarium.

Firstly, we headed to the area with information about the planets in outer space. Next, we went to a historical place about astronauts who have explored outer space.

After the educational tour, we went to the 5D cinema. The students really enjoyed the 5D cinema because they watched a movie that felt like being inside the film. The seats could move, and there were water and smoke effects in the room. So, the children could feel like being in the movie.

After the 5D cinema, we proceeded to the planetarium. Inside, we were given knowledge about the constellations of stars and planets in outer space, which looked very realistic. It was so much fun!

The educational tour concluded at noon. Then, we had lunch and headed to school. We arrived at Hope at 1:30 PM.